Divino Niño Pediatrics looks forward to walking alongside you as you guide your child along a path of optimal health and wellness.

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General Pediatrics

We provide quality services in a comfortable and safe environment. We want both children and parents to feel confident during each visit.

Expectant parents

We offer a full range of pediatric care including prenatal visits for expecting parents, well–child check–ups, immunizations and sick appointments.

Prevention and Wellbeing

We provide expert advice and resources to keep your family as healthy and safe as possible.

immunizations and sick appointments.

Compassionate and comprehensive care, ensuring your well-being is our top priority.

Perfect Experience

We offer a full range of pediatric care including prenatal visit for expecting parents, well-child check-ups, immunizations and sick appointments.

Client Satisfaction 99%
Intervention Success 97%
Quick Recovery 95%

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Health Magazine

Vida Sana is your premier resource for all things related to pediatric and family health and wellness. From expert insights on childhood development to practical tips for parents navigating pediatric care, our magazine is dedicated to promoting the well-being of the youngest members of our community.

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Divino Nino Pediatrics is dedicated to providing high quality healthcare to meet the diverse cause and effect needs of our community. Through the allocation of appropriate services, we are committed to improving the health status of the community by providing a full spectrum of services.



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